Walking The Walk.

Can two walk together unless they agree? Can an employee really flourish at work if he’s always in disagreement with his boss? Can a team win tournaments if the coach and teammates are continually at loggerheads? Can a marriage be successful if the spouses are at opposite ends on everything? No.

Being in sync is an important key in any relationship. Colleagues usually have common aims and objectives. Teammates usually share the same goals. Best friends tend to share the same values and interests. Successful relationships are those in which the members are usually in agreement. Where disagreements come in, progress slows down, goals aren’t met and the parties don’t get the best from the relationship.

In the same light, to get the best of your relationship with God, it is key you be in agreement with Him. Agree with Him on what He says is yours. God says “you are His beloved” agree with him. He says “you’re forgiven”, don’t fight it. He says “He will never leave you nor forsake you”, don’t doubt it. Ask yourself are you really getting the best out of your relationship with God if you don’t agree with Him?

As we walk with God, let us open The Bible and discover who God says we are, and what God says is ours through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Let us discover these truths and agree with Him amicably. By so doing we will be getting the best out of our relationship with Him. After all can two walk together unless they agree?

Amos 3:3, Jeremiah 31:3, Hebrews 13:5, I John 4:10, Colossians 2:10, I John 4:4, Isiah 43:4-5, Ephesians1:7

3 thoughts on “Walking The Walk.

  1. Very true. people don’t believe in God cause they don’t agree. People don’t experience God cause they don’t trust him. Even if we struggle with what God is saying to us at the moment, let’s not fight it cause there’s one thing we should be able to agree on regardless – that God works everything for our good.



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