Once upon a gift….

Have you ever gone out of your way to get someone a gift and they didn’t use it?  Imagine going out of your way to get your co-worker her favorite morning coffee and she doesn’t drink it. (You’re not even a coffee drinker). All that time staying in line at the coffee shop. ‘Well no … More Once upon a gift….

All Expense Paid.

If you’re invited for dinner with The President at The White House , you are not going to show up with some 3 day old MacDonald’s you have rotten away in your fridge, who does that right? You’ll probably go with an empty stomach to enjoy all the savory dishes the white house chefs have … More All Expense Paid.

All Sorted!

Jesus accomplished on The Cross, all that He set out to accomplish on The Cross. Your righteousness, your good health, your sanctification and a whole lot else… all sorted. Don’t let anyone or any circumstance tell you different!